All Done! Wait. Not yet…

Back in October 2007 my husband of 11 months and I moved from Florida to Virginia. I had been living in Florida since 1986 so I looked on the move with happy anticipation and excitement. Husband had only lived in Florida since 2004 so for him it was just another move for a better paying job. And we did what most people do when they are looking to settle down in a new location – we bought a house at the height of the housing market. It was a cute house – a little brick Cape Cod style home on an acre lot. It had a small living room, a kitchen/dining room combination, half-bath/laundry room, Master bedroom, and master bath downstairs. Upstairs it had two really big bedrooms and a full bath. The walk-out basement was unfinished but had potential to be something more. There was no garage and we had to quickly add a shed in which to stow the motorcycle.

In the end, the job was not what it should have been, my employment opportunities were narrow, and it turned out to be one of those places where if you weren’t born there or went to the “right” church, you weren’t picked first for the team regardless of you stats. The scenery was superb, the weather was fantastic, and the best thing about that place is Little Man. He was born there. We moved away from there and to our current home 1 month after he was born.

Anyway, after 6 years, 8 months, and 1 day we finally sold the house! Hurray!! It had been a rental house for the years in between. Don’t get to excited – we rented for less than the mortgage payment and we didn’t sell it for what we bought it for. And in between we also had to repair things, replace things, and maintain things – all from a distance, all third party, in a small town where if you aren’t from there and aren’t living there it’s hard to get anyone to repair/replace/maintain anything.

It’s just one of the many projects that I’ve been consumed by for the past several months. Getting the house on the market, my dad’s passing, completing my real estate course and class test (still have the state test to take), and my dog died. We are still in the kitchen remodeling phase – Husband is making the cabinets so it’s slow going now –  and I’m working in a “dorm room” kitchen, I’ve got just a few more chapters left to finish the novel I’ve been editing and that will complete all the projects (except for the kitchen) that have been swirling around.

And just in time too. School is almost out here in Georgia. Just 3 1/2 weeks to go and then on to the “Summer of Fun.” This year I hope for an actual summer of fun not to be interrupted by a hysterectomy, an ill family member, or old pet having to be put down. This summer should be awesome because I’m almost all done with the current things that distract. Oh, there’s still many projects that remain – the rest of the fixer-upper house, the back yard landscaping, my family tree project, the next novel I’ll start editing as soon as I’m finished with the current one, MY novel….. but those can wait a bit or tackled one at a time. For now, I’m all done (almost).


We are accepting submissions for the July issue! The theme is “Conspiracy Theories.” Do you put electrical tape over your phone’s and computer’s camera lens? Do you not talk about important things in the same room as your smart TV? Do you erase your cookies after each time you go on the internet? Are they listening? Tell us your theories! Deadline is May 30th.

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