Blockage is a bad word. It conjures up all sorts of unpleasant mental images – blockage of the arteries, bowel obstructions, sink drain blocked up, toilets stopped up, traffic jams. The word blockage is both exhausting and filthy at the same time. Can’t decide if I need a shower or a nap when I hear the word. Yet, blockages happen. They are inevitable in all aspects of life.

Our dear friend Daniel LeBoeuf was lamenting just a couple of weeks ago that he has been suffering from writer’s block and has been unable to write for a while now. A. Marie was complaining of the same thing just a couple of days ago. Perhaps, it is soul-sucking day jobs that get in the way. Perhaps it is a time crunch that leaves us with no break and no personal space. Perhaps it’s the kids, laundry, spouses, errands, jobs, classes, pets, responsibilities, that drain our energy and diminish our focus. It happens.

And there is nothing worse than some know-it-all who will say, “you have to make time to write” like that makes the kids or responsibilities go away. Or, “get up early” or “wait until everyone else is asleep” like you don’t want to sleep too. Sure, in a perfect world we’d all go into our creative space, shut the door, and be in our happy places writing, painting, sculpting, reading, making jewelry, and so on and there would be no distractions and we’d revive our energy and all live happily ever after in a motivational poster. That’s not reality.

So, how do you remove a blockage? Good question. The answer is – drum roll please – whatever works for you. I don’t know. I do know what works for me. Words. I LOVE words. I love using words so exploring a new or unusual word and using it in a sentence or two helps get my brain working. AND I can suit the word to my mood or task at hand. For example, we are renovating the kitchen (yes still) and the word for the man who put our tile in is artist. He was fantastic and the floor is beautiful! The word for the business who hasn’t refunded the charge for items we never received is swindler. It’s a game. It’s fun. It’s what works for me. Does it mean I can then go write 2000 words of beautifully crafted prose? No, but my brain is in “word” mode and I’m making sentences. Perhaps taking a walk would work for you. Or a nap. Or drawing a picture. Or building something. 

Anyway, the point is that blockage happens and you have to find your plunger – what works for you to get past it. And no, the same thing won’t work every time; that would be too easy. Try a few things – throw out some words, throw out some old clothes, throw out motivational posters. Be patient, this too shall pass.

BUT don’t let the deadline for submitting to the May/June issue pass! The theme is 3 wishes. If it passes, you’ll wish you’d written something. What would you wish for? 

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