Chapter 1: Miss Sensitivity

Yesterday we wrapped up our theme for the February/March issue – Fairies, Elves, & Dragons. Today, we kick off our theme for the April issue – Titanic. LeeAnn and I have no idea where this story is going to take us but we know one thing: it’s gonna be huge!


And in case you weren’t aware, Pilcrow & Dagger is currently accepting submissions for the April issue. The theme is Titanic. But don’t worry, we’re not limiting this theme to sad love stories or sinking ships. We’re looking for anything that’s big, huge, or enormous. You can learn more about the requirements for this theme here. And with that, I bring you the first chapter of this round robin episode: Miss Sensitivity.


“Please stop crying.” I am not the go-to-girl for sob festivals. I had no idea why Betsy even called me. She knows this. I’m the girl who will hold your hair back when you’re drunk-vomiting at a party. I’m the girl who will perform classy acts of vengeance against ex-boyfriends – like gluing condoms all over his brand new sports car. That’s the girl I am. But this. I am not the girl who passes tissues to her friends who have snot running down their faces. I am not Miss Sensitivity. 

“I can’t believe he left me.” Betsy took a tissue from me and blew her nose. “It was the greatest love of my life and now it’s over.” She flopped down onto the bed, crying even harder than before.

I patted her on the back. Anything that was touchy feely was outside of my comfort zone. 

“Betsy, let’s be real about this. David wasn’t the love of your life. He wasn’t even the great love of your life. He was some guy you hooked up with one time, three weeks ago.”

Betsy sat up on the bed, wiping her nose with her sleeve. “Oh my, God, Trish! How can you say that? What we had was so much more than a one night stand.”

“No it wasn’t.” I shook my head. “It was a classic one night stand. He said he’d call you but he never did because it was a one. Night. Stand.

“Well maybe he just lost my number.”

“Or maybe he threw it away while doing the walk-of-shame out of your apartment the next morning.”


“Or maybe it was something else. Maybe that girl he met at the restaurant last night was a sister or cousin.” Betsy got off the bed and walked over to her closet.


“Didn’t you say they were making out?” I sat there, watching her search for the perfect outfit and wondered why I always had to be the voice of reason with her. 

“Maybe it wasn’t what I thought. Maybe she had something stuck in her teeth?”

“Or, maybe you were a one night stand who has spent the last three weeks stalking some loser.” I walked over to Betsy and turned her around. “I say this with as much love and compassion as I have to give.” I cleared my throat. “It’s the same thing with every guy you meet. He’s the one. The love of your life. Your happy ending. Sometimes, it works out and you’re in a relationship. Most of the time, you make a total fool of yourself by following these poor guys around town, sending them singing telegrams. Betsy, please! I beg you; get a hobby.”

Betsy pulled away from me. “How can you be so mean?”

“It’s easier than enabling someone.”

“You just don’t understand, Trish. You’ve never been in love. But one day. One day you will know what it’s like and how much it hurts when it’s over.” Betsy grabbed an outfit from her closet and walked inside her bathroom. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to work.” She slammed the door in my face.

She had a point. I haven’t been in a relationship. But there was a reason for that. I had a secret. A big secret. No one knew. 

To be continued

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