Chapter 11: The Ritual of Decabra (Flashback)


Howard was sitting at his desk, immersed in one of his books. The Occult. Metaphysical research. Teleportation.

All of these subjects fascinated him and these books cluttered his desk. Myrtle brought her book over and sat down on his lap, breaking his concentration.

“It says here,” she continued.

Howard wrapped his arms around her waist.

“That the connection can be broken.”

“Oh.” Howard took his glasses off and pinched his nose. “How’s that.”

“By destroying the box.”

“That’s it?” Howard asked. “It’s kind of scary that something so simple could destroy the connection.”

“Not exactly.” Myrtle shook her head. She brought the book up closer to read the text. “It says here that Jānna’s connection can be broken and forever destroyed within the Faction by destruction of the box during a specific ritual.”

“What’s the ritual?”

“It’s called the Ritual of Decabra. No less than five people must be in attendance.” Myrtle squinted as she tried to read the text which was written in Latin. Translating Latin wasn’t one of her strengths but most of the time she managed. Tonight, however, was the end of a very long day and her brain wasn’t cooperating. “There’s something about forming a pentagram and a…”

Her voice trailed off as she struggled to translate. “Something about a purple fire.”

“A purple fire?” Howard asked. “How in the hell does someone make a purple fire?”

“It doesn’t say.” Myrtle sighed. “But according to this once the fire is lit, there’s a prayer of some kind that all five people have to chant. Once the prayer has been said, the box is cast into the fire.”

“And then?”

“And then,” Myrtle began, setting the book down. She wrapped her arms around Howard’s neck and took a deep breath. “The Faction’s connection is broken.”

“So what happens then?”

“I’m not sure.” Myrtle sighed. “There was something about all members suffering from a temporary fatigue and possible memory loss. But that depended on how often Jānna was used. The more often it was used, the more likely memory loss would be a result.”

“Why would anyone want to break the Faction’s connection?”

“Abuse of power, maybe.” Myrtle shrugged.

To be continued…

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