Chapter 5: Progress?

Simon worked his way past the slot machines at the Luxor, trying to get to the main entrance.


His promise to Dr. Bennett about staying off the Strip didn’t work out as planned. But that wasn’t entirely his fault. After all, it was his promise to Dr. Bennett that he would try to find his missing bride that prompted him to come back to the Luxor.

His first stop was at Customer Service. He remembered the room number and his wedding date and he hoped they could tell him who booked the room. The woman working behind the desk was reluctant to help him because of privacy laws but she couldn’t resist Simon’s charm.


The glare of the computer screen turned Cindy’s face blue as she clicked and scrolled through several different screens. “You’re sure it was the 26th?”

“Positive.” Simon smiled and took a deep breath. 

“Well,” she paused for just a second. “It looks like room 522 was billed to Dynamic Partners Incorporated.”

“Is the name of the person who stayed in the room available?” Simon’s heart skipped a beat. 

“Nope. Doesn’t look like it.” Cindy shook her head. “I’m sorry. Usually we do take a name down but we had a problem with our billing system several months ago and we lost a lot of our records.”

“That’s okay.” Simon sighed, disappointed. “I appreciate you trying, Cindy.”

“Sorry I couldn’t do more.” Cindy wore a sympathetic smile. “But you know, I get off in a few hours. Maybe we could grab a drink—”

“I don’t think so.” Simon hesitated before finishing. “That’s really nice of you, Cindy. I have somewhere I have to be.”

Cindy scribbled something down on a small card and passed it across the counter.

Simon looked down at the card.

He slipped it into his pocket, not wanting to hurt Cindy’s feelings.

“Well,” he thought as he made his way back toward the main entrance of the Luxor. “At least I have the name of her company. I think.”



Simon pushed his way through the revolving doors and stumbled outside into the bright sunlight.

He used his hand to shade his eyes, hoping they’d adjust to the sun before something embarrassing happened.

As per usual, the Strip was bustling with activity.

Simon checked his watch. “Crap!” He was late for a meeting. 

A cab pulled up in front of the Luxor. Simon ran over and opened the rear door. Two women exited the vehicle. The first woman looked down at the ground. Her arms were crossed against her chest. She headed straight for the hotel, never looking up.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” The second woman – dressed in a loud Hawaiian shirt – smiled at Simon. 

“No problem,” Simon said. “Is your friend okay?”

“Uh….It’s jet lag or something. I’m sure she’s fine.” 

Simon helped her get her bags out of the trunk and then hopped into the back of the cab. “Enjoy your stay!”

“Thanks.” The unknown stranger waved at Simon as he drove off.

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