Chapter 7: Phase 3

Linda stood at the front of the room. “Ladies!” She called out to the room, clapping her hands to get everyone’s attention.

The room was full of Clinic employees, each chattering away.

“Ladies! Please!” She clapped again. Everyone grabbed a seat and soon the only sounds were muffled coughs and chairs creaking as people sat down. “Thank you for your attention,” she began. “I know we all have lives and buddies we need to get back to, so I’ll try to make this brief. First, our initial numbers show that in the last two weeks we’ve seen an estimated 150 pound weight loss among our buddies.”

The audience applauded. Linda raised her hand, quickly silencing them.

“Second, as some of you are aware, we have seen some resistance to the Right Byte fitness band and the electrical shocks that are generated when our buddies do not stay on plan. We knew this would happen and rest assured, the corporate office has sent us some materials to help each of you out with this predicament. Lydia, if you please.”

Lydia walked around the room passing around blue, three-ring binders.

“You’ll see, when you open the binder, that there are four phases the corporate office has mapped out for us.

Phase 1: Motivate. We must all motivate our buddies. Give them all the positive reinforcement and encouragement you can. Make them feel good about their successes – no matter how small they might be at first.

Phase 2: Discipline. Your buddies must understand that cheating or going off plan for any reason is not acceptable and that there will be consequences. Receiving the electrical shocks will be the most common form of discipline. Physical labor – such as yard work, is another form you can utilize. 

Phase 3: Dependency. Should your buddies show continued defiance, remind them of just how dependent they are on you. Take away their support system one beam at a time and they will fall in line. But, if that doesn’t work, then the only thing left to do is phase four.

Phase 4: Termination. You must – without hesitation – terminate your buddies from the program. And, I think you all know what that means. Does anyone have any questions?”

Hands popped up all over the audience, each waving at Linda.

“Yes?” Linda said, pointing to Lucille.

Lucille rose from her seat, tugging at her blouse to straighten it. “What is the appropriate form of discipline when our buddies tamper with their Right Byte wrist band? My buddy has tried everything from shoving rubber gloves underneath her wrist band to placing clay around it.”

“Excellent question, Lucille. It sounds to me like you’re ready to move onto phase three.

“Dependency?” Lucille asked.

“Yes,” Linda replied. “It’s time to take away one of her support beams. But when that happens, you must be ready to step in and become her replacement beam.”

To be continued

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