Chapter 6: Rubber Gloves

We paced for hours in my living room trying to come up with some ideas but each time we’d get a little shock – their letting us know they knew.

“Maybe we could cut the damn things off. Ouch!”

“Maybe we can break them with a hammer. Ouch!”

It was no use. We were stuck and I hated to admit it to Casey but she was right – it was a cult.

“The worst part about this is the damn buddy thing,” Casey said. “I can’t deal with whats-her-name for a full day again. I have to work and if she thinks she’s going to shadow me at work I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

“God. Lucille.” I shook my head and covered my face with my hands. It was dark and comforting and I contemplated climbing under the covers for the next few days.

“Well,” Casey sighed, “I have to go home. I need some sleep.” She turned with her hand on the door knob, “Look, I don’t blame you for this Lizzy. I’ll try to do some investigating on what to do about our situation but it’s probably best if we don’t talk for a couple of days.”

When she left I rummaged through the kitchen finally realizing I’d have to leave my apartment to find something to eat. Donning my jacket, I took off. I headed in no particular direction at first but I found myself in the general vicinity of where the poor girl was found. I stared at the yellow crime scene tape which still cordoned off the area. Who would cut off her hand? Did she do it herself out of desperation? The dispatcher almost admitted to Casey that the clinic did it. But did they kill her too? And just who was this group? They weren’t the weight clinic of old if they have control of the police dispatch. I had a plan.

On the way home I picked up rubber gloves and a pizza. The trip home was shocking. My plan wasn’t high-tech but my plan just might work. I’ve always been stubborn and my plan was to out stubborn these people. first task was to stuff the rubber gloves under the Right Byte band to reduce the effects of the shocks. Then? Just get used to the shocks and frustrate them into releasing me. Believe me, I could keep this up for a long time. It was an infallible plan. AND I get pizza.

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