Chapter 12: Dangerous Liasons

Lucille, her beehive, and her smirk showed up at my door earlier than expected. She wasn’t alone.

“Good morning, buddy! How was your run this morning? Let’s weigh in.”

After the morning’s humiliation where I get weighed and measured in more ways than one, Lucille microwaved my “breakfast.”

“I just don’t understand it,” she said. “You’re exercising, your eating the prescribed meals, you’ve stopped trying to thwart our program, but you’ve started putting on weight.”

I looked up from the gray tofu and toast. “Well, I’ve been exercising. Muscle weighs more than fat.” God I hope they buy that. I watched the mysterious second party as she paced around my apartment. She wasn’t even trying to hide the fact she was looking for something. “Who are you and what are you looking for?”

“This is Lori,” Lucille said. The other one stared at me with blank eyes. “She was Casey’s buddy.”

I felt like I was in trouble and not for sneaking potato chips. “I don’t want her here. I don’t want any reminders of Casey right now.” I tried to feign grief. “Go away.”

“Well, she feels badly too. We thought that perhaps the two of you could grieve together.” Lucille’s smile was forced.

Finally, the second buddy spoke. “Where is Casey?”

“What? She’s dead! Haven’t you seen the news reports? How dare you come into my house and be so heartless about my best friend’s murder!” I was pissed. Anger is one of the stages of grief, isn’t it?

Lori looked at me with indifference. “The thing is, the Right Byte is still reading a heart beat from her. We can’t locate her whereabouts, but the biometrics work fine. She’s still alive. We just want to know where. And we think you know where that might be.”

I opened my mouth to protest but right on cue my cell phone dinged and incoming text message. Lori grabbed it and read it. “Someone named Robert says we have worms. What does that mean?”

“Robert is my veterinarian. He’s telling me my cat has worms,” I lied. And right on cue Fluffy saunters into the room. She squints at Lucille, turns to Lori, flicks an ear and hisses.

If I interpreted Robert’s message correctly, the worm was in place and just needed to be opened. I just hoped it wouldn’t happen with these two hanging out in my apartment. I don’t think they’d leave me here alone unsupervised and I didn’t want to find out what they’d do to me if they found out it was sabotage.

“Lori, while we’re here, let me email you that recipe I found the other night for roasted cole slaw.”

To be continued…

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