How to Embed a Document on a Website or Blog – Part Two

Last week, I worked through the steps of embedding a PDF document into your FREE WordPress blog. While those same steps will also work for the paid version of WordPress, users who have self-hosted WordPress sites also have another option – free plugins. There are several different plugins available for FREE that will automatically embed a PDF document into your site. I picked one at random and found I liked it. Feel free to try out the many other plugins available.

From your WordPress site go to the toolbar on the left side of the screen and select Plugins → Add New.

In the search bar, located at the top, right side of the screen, type in “PDF Embedder.” This will bring up a bunch of different plugins you can try out. I picked “PDF Embedder” – the first option on the left side of the screen because it was compatible with my version of WordPress.

When choosing a plugin, make sure it’s compatible with your version of WordPress.  Plugins that are untested for your specific version of WordPress will either not work properly or they could cause your website to crash.

Once you find “PDF Embedder,” – or whatever plugin you choose to go with, click on “Install Now.” When it’s finished installing, select “Activate.”

Then open the blog post you want your PDF document to be in and select “Add Media.”  Upload your PDF document into WordPress. If you don’t know how to do that, follow the steps from last week’s blog. Otherwise, browse through your media library and then insert it into your post.

After you do this, you’ll see a weird, scrambled-looking mess on your screen just like the one above that’s highlighted in blue.  Don’t panic! That’s only what you see. Your audience, however, will see the image below. ↓

How to Watermark Your Word Document

Click on the preview button, located at the top right side of your screen, you will see what your audience will see when they visit your website. Hover over the image and a toolbar will appear on the bottom of the document that will allow your audience to scroll up and down through the pages and also zoom in. This particular plugin does not allow your audience to download or print the document. However, I believe there is a paid version that will. Do your homework and find a plugin that best suits your needs.

And that’s all there is to it! As always if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments!


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