How to Make a Meme – Part 2

I know I promised I’d write about watermarks and how to make them, but as it turns out, there are some issues with my previous post on memes I need to address. If you haven’t seen it yet you can read it here. Shortly after I published that post, someone commented on it.


Which made me really happy because – as any blogger knows – if you go too long without a comment or a “like” on your blog, you begin to wonder if anyone is reading.


Unfortunately, the person commenting had some problems getting the steps I provided to work for him. So, I went back through those steps trying to see if I skipped anything….and it turns out, I did.


First, PIXLR does provide an app called Autodesk. The features I wrote about last week will NOT work with the app. You have to be in the full website which brings me to my next missed step. When you pull up PIXLR you will see this screen:


Make sure you select “PIXLR Editor” on the left. The features I wrote about are not available in PIXLR Express. 

The question then becomes, does the website work differently for someone who is using a Mac vs. Windows? I have high hopes that one morning I’ll wake up and discover that my iPad has turned into a Mac overnight, but until that day comes, I’m stuck with Windows. I did try to load the website using my iPad only to get the dreaded error message: This website requires Adobe Flash in order to work – which anyone with an iPad knows, Adobe Flash won’t work on it.


Since I didn’t find any other missed steps, I’m now left asking for your help. Has anyone reading this been able to follow the steps in the previous blog – with a Mac -and had success with it? If so, please tell me what you did to make it work.

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