In Memorium

Today the USA is on holiday to celebrate Memorial Day. It is the celebration of the memory of fallen military members who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our culture, values, and freedoms. It is a heartfelt “thank you” to the family members who had to sacrifice their loved one. And whether you like or dislike the idea or necessity of the military, whether or not you question the money spent on the military, whether or not you feel disdain toward those in the military, you cannot deny that they are no longer with us because THEY felt the need or desire to protect your life and life style. It’s sort of like an Irish wake here in the US on Memorial Day. Yes, we are honoring the fallen BUT we do it with BBQ and beer and all manner of recreation. It’s what we do. Because they gave their lives so we could live ours. We can also use this day to reflect on all of those who we’ve lost. And the older I get, the more parents, schoolmates, and friends seem to pass.

Still, it’s a holiday to celebrate life. So, go to the beach (watch out for sharks and sunburn), eat BBQ meat (because BBQ tofu sucks), drink beer (but don’t drive), and have a great time! Do all those things that make your heart sing. And in celebration of life, a big happy clap for A. Marie! She, and her husband, just brought forth baby number three for them just a few day ago. A beautiful little girl! Find what there is to celebrate in your life. As for me, I’m learning how to tat. I feel the need for lace.

Submissions for the July issue close on Wednesday. So, if you have any conspiracy theories you’d like to share, better get them in soon!!! Unless of course, you think they are watching you. If they are watching, then wait to Thursday, June 1st and submit for the August/September issue. The theme is “That’s Gonna Leave a Mark.” Why I could write a dozen short stories today about Little Man’s exploits last week.

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