Independence Day

We wish everyone a very happy Independence Day! It’s a BIG DEAL at our house because it is also Little Man’s birthday. We do cake and cookouts, fun and fireworks, pictures and presents. This year we are also hooking up the plumbing and gas to our kitchen after being without water and gas in the kitchen for 16 and a half weeks for the renovation. Just in time for me to make Little Man’s cake. And GOD! I have wanted to cook actual food for weeks and I am twitching!

It’s difficult to find the time during the whole beach/lake/park/cookout/fireworks festivities to sit down and write something. But consider note cards or in lieu of that, texts or emails or making a note on your phone for any ideas or inspirations that come up. Photos too can capture that moment and you can write about it later (whenever that is). For me, because it is Little Man’s birthday I have so many things that inspire me and drive me to write on this day. You can do it too.

For those not in the USA, happy 4th of July to you too! Be it midsummer in the northern hemisphere or mid winter in the southern hemisphere, enjoy your Tuesday! And have a piece for cake to help celebrate Little Man’s birthday. Take a picture, send it in. He’ll get a kick out of knowing people all over the world celebrated with him.

Don’t forget, we are accepting submissions for a few more days to our August/September issue. The theme is “That’s Gonna Leave a Mark.” Any memories of unfortunate accidents or events? The girl or guy who dumped you at the prom? That missing finger from the fireworks? Any pranks that have gone way wrong? Let us know!!

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