It’s That Time of Year

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Here in the southeast USA the temperature is rising. Many days have already reached 90 degrees and some have topped it. It means one and only one thing – summer. And so, it’s time to take out the BIG roll of paper and make the “Summer of Fun” calendar. Little Man is becoming more and more independent so he’s able to attend activities that don’t require parental supervision or participation. This is good for me because I don’t like summer – hot, humid, bugs, hot, draining, hot – so now Little Man can go to these fun things with his friends and the other mothers and I can go hang at the local coffee shop until it’s time to pick them up. Or, do all the other fun things we do – laundry, grocery shopping, housework, work, and so on. There is still a few days of school before summer vacation but then it’s full steam ahead.

This year is the year of the camp. There’s full day camp focusing on clay and pottery, archery, swimming, soccer, and crafts; Vacation Bible School; Scout Camp teaching archery, BB guns, knot tying, fire starting, and all manner of camping and campfire activities; soccer camp; and several weeks of home time and spotty activities. What to do? Well, there’s movies, putt putt, activities at the park, concerts, rock climbing, bowling, reading contests at the library, and possibly a few overnight trips for mini vacations to places not too far away – possibly the beach or mountains. Can’t forget the big celebration on July 4th! And Little Man turns seven!

The best part of summer is spending time together as a family and enjoying activities together. The hardest part of summer is finding the balance of down time so we, Husband and I, can continue to work and do the things we need to get done and have to get done. But it’s all good. What are your plans for the summer?

Part of your plans had better be submitting to Pilcrow & Dagger! July’s theme is Conspiracy Theories. Don’t make me tell you know who…. Submissions close on May 31st so get suspicious and paranoid now!

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