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We Accept

We accept short stories, essays, and poetry We are looking for original works that are thought-provoking and creative with literary merit and interest for a wide audience. We encourage simultaneous submissions but please let us know if your work has been accepted for publication with another periodical. If you’d like to attach a photo or an original piece of artwork that compliments your submission that would be awesome.

We are also currently accepting original recipes!

Submissions should be as print-ready as possible; free of spelling and punctuation errors and properly structured (this means paragraphs and sentences). We reserve the right to lightly edit your work if necessary. 

  • Submission guidelines for fiction, nonfiction and essays can be found here.
  • Submission guidelines for poetry can be found here.
  • Submission guidelines for recipes (yes, that’s right, we said recipes) can be found here.

Please email all submissions to submissions(at)pilcrowdagger(dot)com


By submitting to our magazine, you (the author) are giving us consent to print your submission in our magazine. Copies of our magazine are available for purchase in digital and print format both on our website and through Amazon. You (the author) maintain sole ownership of your copyrights. If published, you have the right to resubmit your published work to other publications at any time. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you follow the exclusivity rights of the publications you are submitting to. Pilcrow & Dagger is not a wholesale distributor of literary work. We do not sell any submission, published or unpublished – outside the scope of our magazine (print or digital) – to other publications, agents, publishers, or distributors.

One lucky story will be chosen from each issue to be a digital audio recording! The link to the podcast will be posted on this site for an indefinite period of time and offered for listening enjoyment at no cost.

Not every submission will be selected to be published. ALL writers will be notified by email as to the status of their submissions, 2-4 weeks prior to the publication date. 

At this time, Pilcrow & Dagger is unable to financially compensate our writers. Being able to pay our authors is our number one priority and we are doing everything we can to achieve that goal. Should your submission be chosen for publication, you (the author) will receive a free digital copy of the magazine. You will be able to download the copy of the magazine as well as print it.