The Pretty Way to Embed a PDF Document on Your Website or Blog – Part 1

Yesterday, I went through the steps on how to watermark documents in an effort to deter online thieves from stealing them. If you missed that post you can read it here. Today, I’m going to walk through the steps on how to embed a PDF document in a website or blog. The platform I use is WordPress.

Free WordPress

Today, I’ll work through the steps for embedding a PDF document in the Free version of WordPress ( This will also work for self-hosted WordPress sites ( but for self-hosted WordPress sites there is a better option. I’ll work through those steps on Tuesday, August 29th.

After saving the PDF document, you’ll need to upload it to your WordPress blog. Login to your blog/website and select “Add New Post.” Once inside the new post you can upload the PDF document by clicking on “Add Media.”

Then select “Upload File.”  

Find the PDF document you want to open. Select it and then click on “Open,” located on the lower right hand corner.

Then select “Insert into Post,” located in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Once you do that you’ll see the title of your PDF document will appear hyperlinked inside your blog. It will look similar to the one below:

How to Watermark Your Word Document

Technically, you could leave it just like this. But, it doesn’t look pretty and I believe all things on social media sites should look pretty. I recommend using a photograph as a cover for document. This is where authors who have a cover for their work-in-progress can make use of it.

Upload a photo into WordPress using the same steps we just did for uploading the PDF link. The image you select can be anything: a vacation photo from your own collection or one from a site like Pixabay or Pexels that has free to use photos that are both royalty free and free for commercial use. Try finding a photo with an image that relates to the content in your document. But if you can’t, don’t stress over it because following the same steps I demonstrated in the “How to Make Meme for Free” post, you’re going to put a title over the image. The photo below is an example.

Once you have a photo, insert it into the blog post and then select “Add Media” again. Find the PDF document and highlight it like the picture below.  DO NOT insert the PDF document into the post!

Look for its URL link located on the right side of the screen.

Copy the URL. Go back into your blog post and click on the image you’re going to use as the cover. When you click on it, a small toolbox should appear over the top of the image.

Click on the pencil inside of the toolbox. This will allow you to edit the photo.

Look near the bottom of the box for “Link To” and click on the down arrow.

Select Custom URL and in the box below, delete the current link and paste the link for your PDF file in it. Then scroll down and look for “Open Link in New Tab.” 

Make sure this box is checked so that when people click on the image a new tab will open up in the browser, allowing your readers to keep one window open to your web page. Anytime you place a link inside of your blog, you should select this option. The last thing you want is to take people away from your blog or website. Having the link open in a new tab allows people to tab back over to your site rather than hitting the back button on the browser.

Then click “Update.” After this step is complete, when your readers click on the image it will take them to the PDF file. Click on the image below to see my PDF document.

On Tuesday, I’ll show self-hosted WordPress users a super-spiffy way to embed a PDF document into their website.

That’s all for this week. As always, if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments!

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