Each of our 8 issues are assigned a theme.

Submissions for the August/September 2018 issue are now closed!

We are now accepting submissions for our October 2018 issue! The theme for this issue is “The Attic.”  What’s in your attic? A dead body? An old trunk filled with secrets? Unfiled tax returns? Tell us all about them! Submissions for this issue close August 26, 2018.

Beginning August 28, 2018 (and not one minute earlier), we will accept submissions for our Nov/Dec 2018 issue. The theme for this issue is “Do You Remember.”  Do you have personal story to tell? A time in your life you want to immortalize? Send us your memoirs or memoir-like submissions. The deadline for this issue close October 11, 2018.

As always, if these themes don’t suit you, please send us whatever does!

For submission guidelines please click here.