Each of our 8 issues are assigned a theme.

Submissions for the February 2019 issue are now closed!

We are now accepting submissions for the April 2019 issue. The theme for this issue is “The Home Reno.” Have you ever dreamed of becoming a house-flipper? Have you ever discovered any secret rooms? Did all that banging and drilling unleash anything paranormal? Tell us all about your home reno experiences. The deadline for this issue is February 24, 2019.

And beginning February 25, 2019 and not one minute earlier, we will begin accepting submissions for the May/June issue will open. The theme for this issue is “The Game Show.” Have you ever been on a game show? Were the prizes wacky? Was the host annoying? Was another contestant giving ridiculous answers? Tell us all about it. The deadline for this issue is April 7, 2019.

As always, if these themes don’t suit you, please send us whatever does!

For submission guidelines please click here.