Each of our 8 issues are assigned a theme.

Submissions for the July 2017 issue are now closed!

We are now accepting submissions for our August/September 2017 issue! The theme for this issue is “That’s Gonna Leave A Mark.” Ever build a ramp as a kid? Or as an adult? Ever stubbed your toe, twisted an ankle, broken your arm? What crazy ill-advised stunts or actions have you done? Did it hurt? Be honest, there was alcohol involved, wasn’t there? What about the “marks” that don’t show? A broken heart? Spicy food? Bad financial decision? What left a “mark” on you? What “marks” have you left? The deadline for this issue is July 16, 2017!

Beginning July 18, 2017 (and not one minute earlier), we will accept submissions for our October 2017 issue. The theme for this issue is “What Lies Beneath?” What secrets do you have buried in your soul? What bodies are buried in the back yard? What do you have lurking in your closet? Oh those pesky layers of meaning! Tell us all about them!

As always, if these themes don’t suit you, please send us whatever does!

For submission guidelines please click here.