How to Turn Off Auto Image-Cropping on Your WordPress Website

Picking the right WordPress theme/template for your website can be overwhelming. In order to command any kind of following, the website has to accommodate your business needs as well as be user friendly and visually appealing. 

Lately, I’ve been using a lot of memes for my featured images on my personal website. The problem was that the WordPress theme was auto-cropping my featured images so that when you saw their thumbnails on my landing page, the captions were cut off.

If you look at the example above you’ll see that the text on all three images is cut off.  This does not look pretty or professional and quite frankly, it was driving me nuts.

After much Internet searching, I figured out how to go into the theme and stop it from cropping the featured image. Fair warning! This will only work for self-hosted WordPress websites. It will NOT work for the free version of WordPress.

Here is what you do:

From your WordPress dashboard, select “Appearance.”

Then select “Editor.”

Once inside of the Editor, look for Theme functions (functions.php) on the right side of the screen and select it.

Once you’re in the next screen you’re going to scroll through and look for a line that reads just like the highlighted one below.

When you find it, delete “true” and replace it with “false,” just like the example below.

Then click “Update File,” located at the bottom of the screen.  After completing these steps the thumbnail featured images that were once cut off will now look like this:

If you have any questions about this, please let me know in the comments.  Join us on Friday as we begin Chapter 9 of our fiction event. So far in our story we have a death investigator, two meddling aunts, the dark web, and something known as Jānna.

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