You Have To Break A Few Eggs To Make An Omelet

Hi! It’s me again. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog and I left off in covering the different ways to publish your story. I promise to get back to that next time. But what has been going on since November has been a LOT! It was Thanksgiving. Mom wanted everyone to gather at her house BUT she didn’t want to cook or have a big mess in the kitchen. If it was just me, I’d say sure let’s get a pizza. However, with family traveling from as far as Rhode Island, I didn’t think that would fly. Besides, Thanksgiving is all about the food. After giving thanks of course. So, I had the responsibility of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 10 here in Georgia and taking it to North Carolina for the family dinner. I know.

Then, there was December. Aside from the preparations for Santa, my job, Husband’s job, Husband’s birthday, cards, decorations, and the typical chaos of the season, we suffered a huge tragedy. My father died. It was coming. It had been coming for a while. My hope was that he’d live until after the first of the year. In fact, we were heading up there with Christmas presents in hand a couple of days after Christmas. I missed seeing my dad for the last time by 7 days. I’m still sad. Devastated. I was Daddy’s Little Girl and he was my hero. And now….. And now life has to move on. Mom has been taken care of and she’s recovering and settling into her new role in life. And so must we. Even after that big egg break, there will be an omelet.

We, Husband and I, have been fixer-uppering our fixer-upper for the last almost 5 years. Little by little, room by room, we have mad progress. We took out a falling fence and an overgrown former spice garden and replaced it with grass. We found and pruned a crab apple tree in the overgrown spice garden the blossom of which adorned the cover of our May/June 2016 issue. We pulled out the dead azaleas in the front “yard” and the dead hedges along the foundation in the front of the house. We also cut down 5 HUGE pine trees in the front yard. We ground the stumps and dug out roots and replaced the “yard” with an actual yard. The hedges have been replaced and are thriving and the grass has come in and we added 2 ornamental trees to frame the house – a Japanese maple and a cherry tree – neither will get HUGE. And if you’ve ever done landscaping you know that digging things out, and cutting things down makes a big hot mess. And eventually, slowly, the mess gets cleaned up and the wound heals. Voila! Omelet!

Inside we’ve stripped wall paper (don’t get me started on that), painted, repaired walls, replaced tile, repaired woodwork, installed woodwork, changed light fixtures and fans, and replaced some windows. Now it’s time to break a few more eggs. Our next omelet is the kitchen. Yes, it’s time. We started by removing a rear staircase so we can open up a dark narrow hallway (which made me hum Hotel California every time I did laundry). It took only a couple of weeks to get it done and it took me a couple of weeks to clean up the drywall dust and the the tile dust where the tile had to be taken out. Next up is the rest of the tile floor. All I know is that I’m looking for ways to keep the incredible amount of fine, gritty dust out of the rest of the house before the first tile comes out. And I’m packing up stuff that needs to come out of the kitchen before the cabinets can come out. And the biggest reality check is that I will be out of a kitchen from the end of February to possibly the end of April. That includes not having water available! Anyway, with the dozens of eggs that will be cracked on this project, the omelet will be big, beautiful and fluffy!

It’s like this with any project or change in life. Eggs break, omelets are made. How’s your writing going? is your first draft crap? Of course it is. That’s where the egg-cracking comes in. It’s called editing and revising. And it is just as messy and nasty as drywall dust.

In case you haven’t heard, we are accepting submissions for the April 2017 issue. The theme is Dirty Little Secrets. Bwahaha! Do you have any skeletons in your closet? Do you know where skeletons are? Did you put them there? Have you cheated on your taxes? Cheated on your spouse? Cheated on your spouse’s taxes? Did you go to confession? Write it down and send it in! We accept pen names!

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