Welcome to Pilcrow & Dagger! Our goal is to provide writers, and readers, entertainment and a break from “the block,” allowing your muse to reignite.

The Pilcrow & Dagger Literary Journal features original and creative short stories, essays, and poetry from writers from all walks-of-life. 

We publish 8 issues per year with our first issue premiering January 15, 2015. This issue can be read for free here.


Submissions for the January 2019 issue are now closed!

We are now accepting submissions for our February 2019 issue! The theme for this issue is “Work Place Wars”. Do you have an evil boss? Are you the victim of breakroom gossip? Has someone been stealing your pens? If so, tell us all about it! The deadline for this issue is January 3, 2019.  And as always, if this theme doesn’t inspire you, send us whatever does. We’re always excited to read your essays, poems, and short stories.

If you have a photo or original piece of art you’d like to submit with your story, poem or essay, we accept those too. Digital format please. Sending us the original is appreciated but we cannot return them.

Please check our submission guidelines for more details.

If your work is selected for publication we will contact you 2-4 weeks prior to the publication date.